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Koledar dogodkov
Lowering the rate or prevention of illnesses related to lifestyle choices.

1. To improve eating habits of children and youth and encourage them for regular physical activity.
2. To prevent children and youth from risk behaviour in the areas of of alcohol, tobacco and drugs abuse.
3.To raise awareness of stress-coping mechanisms and strengthen a positive self-image of children and youth (area of mental health).
4.To inform children and youth about the importance of sexual health in the age appropriate manner.
5.To explore other types of addictions and prepare awareness programs
6.To empower youth workers in non-governmental organisations and other stake-holders who maintain continuous contact with children and youth by toolkits for implementation of preventive activities for the health of children and youth in local communities.

  • Children and youth aged between 12 and 19
  • Youth leaders and youth workers (professional trainings)
  • Parents (as a supportive target group)