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About the project

Project "For Youth Health" answers the need for development of evidence based prevention initiatives in the growing Slovenian youth sector. The project works towards healthier lifestyle of Slovenian children and adolescents aged 12 to 19, and additionally works with their parents, youth workers and youth leaders who have a direct impact on young people's health.

Within the project we are analizing the state of play on health of children and adolescents, we conduct quality training for youth workers and leaders and we intend to train at least 176 experts on the project topics. We plan to introduce health promotion programs in the youth sector among more than 2500 involved youth and their parents (including children, adolescents, youth workers/ leaders and young parents). The program will prepare educational tools that will allow upgraded and continued work on this area after the project end. Qualified professionals will receive the title of a "health promoter" and organizations that will implement evidence-based health programs in order to provide a healthier environment for young people will receive a title "healthy organization".

The youth sector will therefore be empowered to start working in line with universal, selective and indicative prevention standards and understand the impact that (quality) youth work has on young people's health.